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save a frog

Let the critters live! Critter Skimmer is an eco-friendly invention that allows frogs, turtles, mice, and other small critters to rescue themselves from in-ground pool skimmers. Replacing the pool skimmer cover with a Critter Skimmer allows animals that invariably end up in the pool to climb up the attached spiral rescue ramp and through the opening in the skimmer cover to safety.

frog saving device

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critter skimmer
Frog Saving Device
save a frog

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Every pool needs a Critter Skimmer

Frog Saving Device

frog saving device
frog saving device

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  • Cleaner Water
  • Less Bacteria
  • Saves wildlife from drowning
  • ​Easily replaces existing skimmer
  • Available in 3 sizes and tones
  • Great for kids

Critter Skimmer Small Animal Saving Pool Device